MindBender: How many times must chair ask for nominations (Answer)

All references are to  RONR 11th ed

Question: During an election process for any position to be filled, how many times must the chair ask "Are there any further nominations"? Once, twice, or three times? Does RONR specify and if so, where?

Answer: Once is enough, but I have seen people who should know better call it out three times. I think this myth may have arisen before the days of loudspeakers, when the chairman had to call out the announcements to all sides of the large meeting room: left, center, and right, so that all could hear.

Refer to RONR 11th edition, p. 288-289:
 "MOTIONS TO CLOSE OR REOPEN NOMINATIONS. In the average society, a motion to close nominations is not a necessary part of the election procedure and it should not generally be moved. When nominations have been made by a committee or from the floor, the chair should inquire whether there are any further nominations; and when there is no response, he declares that nominations are closed. In very large bodies, the formality of a motion to close nominations is sometimes allowed, but this motion is not in order until a reasonable opportunity to make nominations has been given; as noted above, it is out of order if a member is rising, addressing the chair, or otherwise attempting to make a nomination, and it always requires a two-thirds vote. When no one wishes to make a further nomination, the motion serves no useful purpose."