MindBender: Choosing chairman of the nominating committee (Answer)

The bylaws don't specify - how is the the chairman of the nominating committee chosen? All references are to  RONR 11th ed.

Refer to page 176 of RONR:

"If the committee is named by a power other than the chair (such as the assembly or the executive board), the body that elects the committee members has the power, at the time the appointments are made, to designate any one of them as chairman. If the chairman is not designated when the committee is appointed, the committee has the right to elect its own chairman. In the latter case, the first-named member has the duty of calling the committee together and of acting as temporary chairman until the committee elects a chairman. Since such a committee may confirm its first-named member in the chairmanship, it is important that this person be qualified and dependable."