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Just The FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions):

Here are a few frequently asked questions, or FAQ's, about parliamentary procedure:

  1. Can the chairman vote? [answer]

  2. Can the chairman make motions? [answer]

  3. Can the chairman enter into debate? [answer]

  4. Can an ex-officio member vote, make motions, or debate? [answer]

  5. Can bylaws be suspended? [answer]

  6. Can a member of the nominating committee be nominated? [answer]

  7. Can a member nominate themselves for an office? [answer]

  8. Can nominees vote for themselves? [answer]

  9. Must the President, if nominated, step down from the chair during the election? [answer]

  10. Can a bylaws requirement for a ballot vote be suspended if there is only one nominee for each office? [answer]

  11. What is a write-in vote? [answer]

  12. The President has resigned, now what? [answer]

  13. Are mail-in or telephone votes okay? [answer]

  14. When somebody calls out "Question!", must debate cease? [answer]

  15. When does a resignation take effect? [answer]

  16. How long can a member speak in debate? [answer]

  17. Do nonmembers have a right to attend or speak at meetings? [answer]

  18. Do members who are not members of the Board of Directors have a right to be present or speak at board meetings? [answer]

  19. Do members of an organization have access to the minutes of the Board of Directors? [answer]

  20. Should seconds be recorded in the minutes? [answer]

  21. If a motion has been defeated, can it be brought up again at the next meeting? [answer]

  22. Can a meeting be adjourned if there is still business pending? [answer]

  23. Who decides what is on the meeting Agenda? [answer]

  24. What is a quorum? [answer]

  25. What can be done in the absence of a quorum? [answer]

  26. How do you count abstentions? As ayes? As no's? [answer]

  27. Can married couples be officers (or board members) at the same time? [answer]

  28. What is a majority? Fifty-one percent? Fifty percent plus one? [answer]

  29. When nominations for offices are being taken from the floor, and in a situation in which the office calls for more than one person to be elected, can one make a nomination for more than one person at the same time. [answer]

  30. Can a member vote on or second the minutes of a meeting that he did not attend? [answer]

  31. In the event of a tie vote what are the President's duties or options? [answer]

  32. How many times can minutes be corrected after they are approved?| [answer]

  33. Does a treasurer's report need to have a motion of approval?  [answer]




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